Tech Optimization

If you have a light switch that doesn’t work, a breaker that flips, a toilet that doesn’t fill, or low pressure in the shower, it’s easily noticeable. All of us are accustomed to how the essentials in our home are supposed to function. We’ve only been living in powered buildings all our lives. But are you aware of how your home tech should run? Maybe not, but that’s only because until recently, the only thing in our homes that connected to internet was our computers, printers, phones and maybe your TV with limited function. Now it’s all of that plus speakers, cameras, Alexa, air fryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, lightbulbs, garage openers, light switches, sprinklers, vacuums, thermostats, scales, photo frames, and lots more. And most of it’s wireless, there’s no plugging it in the guarantee a good connection.

We can take your new tech home essentials from running pretty okay, to great. We can solve those buffering issues, the intermittent signal loss, the dead zones, the bottle-necking at peak hours and any other issues you’re having. We understand how tech really works, not just how to fix it by the book.