Kids Classes

Shawna from whatsIT will be teaching technology related classes for kids at the Lakeland Arts Academy! These classes will be full of fun and creativity, while teaching skills that your child can grow and build on! These are sought after skills in the technology world, skills that can build a base for a successful career, or even just a fun, creative hobby. For Shawna, it’s been both!

Starting the week of February 6th, Shawna from whatsIT will be teaching technology related classes for KIDS! To begin this journey, we’ll be starting out with a bang with Roblox Coding classes!

The first, stand-alone class is an introductory into the world of Roblox Studio, the creation software behind the Roblox game. Students will create a basic Obby (obstacle course) where the will use tools in the software to create objects, as well as learn basic programming skills with a language called Lua. Lua is similar in structure to the popular Python language. If students fall in love with this first 90-minute class, then they will be welcomed to join the first series where they will learn to create all the essential points of a successful and fun Obby, including checkpoints, hazards, moving platforms, and more!

This series would then move into another where they build a small world with a series of Obbys with tools to obtain and a final trophy to win! A real game, that they made and can take home to share with their friends!

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Welcome to the Official Sign-Up for Kids Technology Classes held at Lakeland Arts Academy!

Below you will find any open and available slots for classes that have not started yet. Private classes are for a single student, while Group classes are for a max of 4 students. If you are interested in signing up for a Private class and availability is not listed for a time that would work for you, please send me (Shawna) an email here (support@whatsinfotech.com).

The Roblox Intro Course to Obby’s class is a stand-alone class that is a brief introduction to Roblox Studio and Obby’s (obstacles), which are the foundation of what makes a Roblox game so fun! Recommended for ages 9-13. Please note: signing up for this class does not guarantee a spot in the Beginners Course. We recommend signing up for both simultaneously.

The Roblox Beginners Course to Obby’s series is an 8 lesson series that guides students through building their first Obby where we will build, test, and add features such as moving platforms, hazards, checkpoints, and more! Students will also be introduced to Lua, a programming language similar to Python in structure. Lua will allow us to give regular parts cool features, like increase our speed or make us jump really high! Students will be able to take their Obby home with them upon the completion of the series.

  • Prerequisite: Intro Course to Obby’s
  • This 8 lesson series is 8 weeks long, 1 lesson a week, at 90 minutes per lesson. Polk County Spring Break (March 12-18th) is an off week before the beginning of lessons 5-8.
  • Sign-Up’s for the classes are for 4 lessons/weeks at a time. A Private Link will be sent to the email address used at sign up for the 2nd set of lessons.