best of central florida computer repair finalistHi, I’m Shawna!

As a lifelong techy, I grew up with a supportive mother who let me tinker around on the home computer and taught me how to play games like Doom and create websites. And now since 2017, I have been offering all that I have learned through experience and school to the local community through home services and classes for people of all ages. I care deeply about my community and I feel this shows in everything I do from how responsive I am to the Facebook group I’ve created for FREE tech assistance.

Check out my industry certifications below:

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Me and the Internet

One of my favorite things about this field of work is how the internet works. There is no appointment I enjoy more than one where I get to fix someone’s home network. With that in mind;

Fun Fact #1

When studying for the Network+ Certification listed above, I noticed a few mistakes in one of the books I was using and reached out to the publisher. Well, here are some of the results! How cool, right?

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Fun Fact #2

After completing my CompTIA certifications, I was mesmerized by how VPNs worked and decided there was no better way to enhance my knowledge of them and of networking in general than to create one! So over 9 months, that’s exactly what I did. I created a VPN (and a tutorial to go with it) with a Certificate Authority and an adblocker at the VPN level, that all traffic in the home can go through as it’s connected to the router at the server level. One of my favorite projects to date and one I’m incredibly proud of!